My name is Stuart Cahn. I’ve been working in the Pool & Spa industry for over 28 years representing many well known manufactures.  I am one of those guys in the pool industry that has a passion for the mechanics of how everything works!  As a child, I would take everything apart and put it back together to see how things worked.  After getting shocked and thrown across the room when I plugged my recently re-assembled TV into the socket – I quickly learned to seek out knowledgeable people to guide me safely through my passion!  My first year as a Sales Rep introduced me to some of the most experienced and influential experts in the industry.  A few times a month I plan on Blogging about my favorite topics such as: “Tricks and Standards in drafting air in spas”, “ Stain Removal for dummies (a quick and simple guide)”, “The Ultimate backyard staycation – A simple guide to upgrading your customers to radiant heat and concert sound”, “Trusting your chemistry with a backyard Chlorine generator”, “All things tile – Prep, seal, Clean, restoration”, and “A truly clean pool brought to you simply by Robotics” to name a few key topics of discussions.