Saftron has been manufacturing safety railing and fencing in south Florida for over 30 years. Saftron railing combines all the strength advantages of aluminum or galvanized steel and the finish durability of high-grade vinyl polymer. Saftron railing products never fades, rust, corrodes, peels, or flake. Most importantly, our products cannot transfer any electricity so there is no need for grounding or bonding. We offer a wide range of styles and colors. They can be ordered in preassembled sections or in knockdown form that can be easily assembled at the job site. Our railing has been designed to meet or exceed all commercial codes and safety requirements (Boca, OSHA, and ADA).

The Saftron railing carries a rock solid industry leading 10 year warranty! Our railing systems can be found all over the world and especially along coast lines which have higher salinity levels in the air. Saftron railing has provided safety rails to many popular and well know places such as: Daytona Speedway, Disney World, Sea World, Six Flags (multiple locations), Knott’s Berry Farm, San Diego Zoo, Court houses and Police stations around the country. Customers like these choose Saftron for many reasons, but the bottom line is – our railings look and perform like the day they were installed for decades after! We offer different categories of railing to choose from – Picket railing, Pipe railing, MODUrail systems, ADA grab rails, and custom railing. Saftron specializes in custom railing therefore we can build whatever your imagination can dream up! We have CAD certified specialists that are waiting to help your design become a reality.

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